Sinioroglou Yiannis


2010 - 2013: National Technical University of Athens, Department of Architecture,  Master of Science in “Planning – Space – Culture”
2004 - 2009: Athens School of Fine Arts, Painting department

Since 2011 founding member of the artist group Campus Novel

solo show

The multitude of things must not go beyond the necessary, Artwall, Athens, GR 

group exhibitions

Strange days: η δυστοπία του πραγματικού, MY ODYSSEY-Back to Athens 6 – 2018, Athens, GR
Homo Sportivus, House of Cyprus, Athens, GR
Slower, Smaller,Weaker, Olympic Village(I.G.M.E.), Athens, GR

VOLUMES, Independent Art Publishing Fair-ZurichHelmhaus Zurich, CH
Athens Eyes, cheapart, Athens, GR
KIOSK – KSOIK, A-Letheia project and Snehta Residency for Documenta 14, Fokionos Negri & Eptanisou, Athens, GR
buca #17, Yellow Brick, Athens, GR
The Ever-Garden Effect, Campus Novel and Barbara Marcel, Platforms Project 2017, Athens, GR
Rezeptionsästhetik, SNEHTA, Athens, GR*
IF IT SOUNDS LIKE BACON YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT/ One window / One grid, A-DASH Project Space, Athens, GR
The Mandela Effect, Cheapart, Athens, GR (curator Alexandros Platis)
Cheapart Booth A11, Art Athina 2017, Athens, GR
A Collection of Painful Art, Artwall, GR

Yellow Brick-Studio Welcome, Yellow Brick, GR
Nothing special: Just not Opium- CONCORDAT, cheapart, GR
Regarding Nicolas Calas, Athens School of Fine Arts, GR
Powerfool, Flat 1, Vienna, AT
4 May | N 36° 72′54″, Ε 24°44′33″, Bomb Shelter Adamas, Milos, GR
Archiving Topologies, Synapsis 2, Athens Biennale OMONOIA AB5 TO 6, Athens, GR
NICE! -curators Salon de Vortex- Cultural Center Manos Loizos, Athens, GR
Letters to the Mayor: Athens, 
metamatic:taf, Athens, GR


(I heard it) through the Grapevine, Synapsis 1, Athens Biennale OMONOIA AB5 TO 6, Athens, GR
"It's all Greek to me"Hallway Galleries - Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, CA (curators Artemis Potamianou and Julie René de Cotret)
The Element of Ground (curators Sofia Galanou, Takis Kaldis), ArtWall Project Space, Athens, GR
Deferred Action: adaptations of artistic radicalism
(curator Kostis Stafylakis) ISET, Athens, GR
Calliope - or How a public square can fit into a public urinal, Das KloHäuschen, München, DE

Curious Artefacts (curator Becky Campbell) The ArtWall, Athens, GR
Local/ Focal/ Fluctuant, the Bookshop-projecspace, Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjordur, IS

Luminous Flux/ Reflected overlays on locative norms, Kornilakis building (Industrial Museum of Syros), Syros, GR (research/planning/curating Campus Novel ) 
"Pigs in the Wind / 95 B' ESSO" - Cosmopolitism, locality and personal repulsions. contemplation on N. Nikolaidis novel, lecture performance, Green Park, Athens, GR 
Invisible governments: “Gnosis” as a state of the self, Circuits and Currents, Athens, GR
ANAPLASISArt-Athina 2015, Campus Novel στο Platform Project, Athens, GR
BLASTED, BETON 7, Athens, GR, (curator Zara Audiello)
Babel Fragment: Revisited, matematic: Taf, Athens, GR, (curator Alexis Fidetzis)
Setting, SNEHTA Residency, Athens, GR, (curator Becky Campbell)

Another Athens, SpartAn/SNEHTA/interviewroom11, Edinburgh,UK and Athens, GR
Slow festival- Celebrating slow time, on the patio of Bread&Roses, Panepistimiou street 64, Omonoia, Athens, GR 
Public Domain, milkshakagency, Genève, CH 
Art-Athina 2014, Campus Novel participation in Platform Project, Athens, GR
(the) Heavy Page, metamatic:taf, Athens, GR  
Hypnodrones - sleep deviations, Back to Athens, Hotel Pindaros, Athens, GR
Boundaries, Artscape Athens and Snehta Residency, Athens, GR
Images of the Sea, Athens School of fine Arts- Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR), Athens, GR


Agora, 4th Athens Biennale 2013, Campus Novel, Athens, GR
Urbanism in Cavafys Poetry,Gavrielides Publishing House Athens, GR
Save,Hotel Pindaros, Athens, GR
Spings and Sources, Apoikia, Andros, GR
The Suspended Step of Images, an exhibition onTheo Angelopoulos' work, Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, Athens, GR 
Experiment, Rouf Wagon Art, Athens, GR
Direct Action 2013, performance by Campus Novel during the Month of Performance Art –Berlin, Abteilung Für Alles Andere, Berlin, DE   
Black Maria, Campus Novel solo exhibition, Salon de Vortex @ Cheapart, Athens, GR
Domestic Crisis, Campus Novel solo exhibition, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, DE
Arrival, C.K. Art Gallery, Nicosia, CY  

Paralogi, BRDG Project, Antwerp, BE
To the limits of "togetherness", The Symptom 03, Amfissa, GR
Post Scraps, CAMP, Athens, GR

Old Masters, New Partners, Platonos 36, Galatsi, Athens, GR
Platforma 20, iset-Contemporary Greek Art Institute, Athens, GR
12 Emerging Artists, vol. 6, Melina Merkouri Foundation, Athens, GR

One days residency Embros Theatre, Athens, GR
Contemporary Life Documentation: The Collection, OpenShowstudio, Athens, GR
Action Field Kodra 2011, 11th Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, GR
All that is solid melts into air, The Vitrina project, OpenShowstudio, Athens, GR
Graduating class 08-09, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, GR

Τhe 5th Rocycany Biennial in Graphic Arts, Rocycany, CZ
Summer 10 + 10 Artists, Elika Gallery, Athens, GR
Project Sotiria, Sotiria Public Hospital, Athens, GR
Psyche -Bipolarity in Art, University Institute of Research in Mental Health ,Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, GR
Surprise ΙΙ, Technopolis of Athens Municipality, Athens, GR

Cinefil, Michalis Kakoyiannis Foundation, Athens, GR
Rooms 2009 Exhibition of Contemporary Art organized by Kappatos Gallery, St George Lycabettus Hotel, Athens, GR

5th Biennial of Fine Arts Students in Greece, Syntagma Metro Station, Athens, GR
Diaries of Flames, Melina Merkouri Foundation, Athens, GR
Hotel Thirteen, Bios, Athens, GR

Monoplano, 1st Festival of Greek Documentary Films DocFest1, Chalkida, GR
Κρεation, Varvakios Market , Athens, GR

Digital Freaks Install the Noise, Technopolis of Athens Municipality, Athens, GR
Pixeldance, Kodra camp, Thessaloniki, GR
Intrigues of the Space, 7th Workshop of the Greek National Theatre, Syros, GR
Routes 5th exhibition of architectural project, Patra, GR 

Dialogues in Archeology 2018 - Cities/Urban Landscapes, 4TH Meeting 31/5 – 3/6/2018, Athens, GR
stock scenery, urban experience and reenactmentslecture Campus Novel, sculpture department, university of Ioannina, Ioannina, GR
"Now" festival, collective sound installation,Piraeus Municipal Theatre, Piraeus, GR (curator Christos Chrissopoulos) 
Extra people as member of Campus Novel group, occupied Empros Theater, Athens,GR
Athens Biennial 3 (MonodromeParticipation in the “Human Jukebox Shuffle” performance, Athens, GR
Stage editing for the performance Casa Pessoa, with the contemporary dance collective SIRMA, TAF project space, Athens, GR
stage editing for the performance I see you with the contemporary dance collective  X-SOMA, 7th Dance Festival of Athens, Dipylo theatre, Athens & Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Resolution Dance Festival, London, GB

2013 Campus Novel in residency, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, DE

Ruinous pasts, presents (and futures?) with Eleana Yalouri, research project Learning from documenta, Athens School of Fine Arts/Prevelaki Hall, Athens, GR
The Ever-Gardern Effect, Athens Biennale OMONOIA, Athens, GR
(research/planning Barbara Marcel and Campus Novel)
Strolling Happiness, Athens Biennale OMONOIA, Athens, GR
(research/planning Ilaria Biotti and Campus Novel)


Luminous Flux/ Reflected overlays on locative normsSyros Institute, Syros, GR (research/planning/curating Campus Novel )
Octo Apps, Autonomous Peoples’ Pneumatic Systems - Labour theatre and participatory installation, with the Tellecomunisten, in collaboration with Errands
New Babylon Revisited


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